Our Doctors


Bertrand Y. Tuan, M.D.

"Every person who comes to see me in the office or the hospital, whether they come for evaluation of iron-deficiency anemia or advanced malignancy, come with concerns. They are concerned as to what is going on in their body, possible treatments, and what the future holds. I consider it my privilege and duty to you to address these concerns compassionately, comprehensively and with the most up to date treatments available. I pride myself on the personal attention I give to patients in my practice and I expect to give no less than that to new people I meet".

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Caroline M. Behler | Hematologist/Oncologist | Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates  San Francisco

Caroline M. Behler, M.D.

"An explosion in the discovery of targeted treatments and increasingly specific diagnostic tests continues to revolutionize the fields of Hematology and Oncology. Excellent care for my patients involves a commitment to staying on top of the latest developments in medical science, and my ability to translate that knowledge into clear, straightforward recommendations and choices. The concept "personalized medicine" refers to the use of specialized tests to help physicians choose specific treatments that are most likely to provide benefit. For me, it also refers to the type of care everyone coming into my office will receive. I respect the unique context in which patients make decisions about their health: their family, work commitments, personal and spiritual values, and I make every attempt to tailor their treatment accordingly".

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Ari D. Baron, M.D.

"I chose to practice hematology oncology because we are at the beginning of a revolution in the way cancer is treated. Decades of basic science research are finally yielding answers to how these diseases work, and therefore suggesting new ways to approach them. As medical Director for Clinical Oncology Research at CPMC, it is my great joy to help bring these new approaches to people who very much need them. Access to new ideas and treatments represents the hope that I feel in my everyday practice of medicine".

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Milana V Dolezal | Hematologist/Oncologist | Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates of San Francisco

Milana V. Dolezal, M.D., M.Sci

"My passion for cancer research started as a teenager working at the National Cancer Institute, NIH in Bethesda, MD where I am from. My compassion for people with cancer came from taking care of my Grandma who helped raise me and died from metastatic breast cancer in our home. Through training at UCLA and then clinical trial work at Genentech, I've witnessed the translation of targeted cancer therapies from bench to bedside. I was fortunate enough to ride my bike across the USA to promote patient participation in clinical trials which help develop new treatments. I provide personalized care by targeting the tumor biology and working with patient and their support team to find the best treatment.  I believe in a multidisciplinary approach, including clinical trials if appropriate, and tumor board review.  My special interests include women's malignancies and cancer survivorship. Courage and hope exist in all of us: the patient's determination and full participation is crucial".

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